Philosophize This

A blog reads like a person is offering themselves up as some kind of an expert in a topic. As I’ve said before, though, blogs are a strategy for learning.

This blog does not present itself as any kind of expert. I’m trying to learn about the current state of philosophy (which also requires learning about the history of philosophy).

πŸ’­ So, to that end, I just wanted to offer up a podcast that I’m pretty late to: Philosophize This. It’s a helpful way to come at a lot of these philosophical idea from another angle.

Philosophize This is a beginner friendly intro to Philosophy thing. I’ve been trying to learn about Immanuel Kant lately with every strategy besides actually reading him, and the Kant run on Philosophize This is super interesting.

It really diverges from other discussions of Kant that I’ve seen in that it doesn’t entirely focus on trying to drill straight into Kant. There are whole episodes in the string that barely touch on Kant, but they do deal with his context and some of his side points that are super interesting.

The Kant series starts here. I really liked the episode about the sublime, aesthetically.

It’s largely just the host talking through his ideas about the topic at hand. Unusual for podcasts but I like it.

I’m really finding it helpful to β€”Β like β€” listen to 11 different perspectives on the same heavy thinker. Eventually I feel like it starts to sink in. Like going to art museums a lot.

That’s just me. Maybe it’s you, too, though?

🌎 For another take on Kant, the Hermitix podcast has been doing a series for Patreon supporters. It’s much more directly straight into the topic of Kant’s Copernican Revolution, which we have dealt with here before 🐱.