She texted

You wait.

You stare at your phone.

It buzzes with a notification. She texted.

It says:

> Hey

You write:

"We should wait here until we get rescued."

"Thought it might be snakes, or maybe a pit, but I never thought I'd be bored to death."

In the clearing of the forest, there are three rocks, a tree, and, in another tree, a preposterous-looking owl.

For a while you talk to the owl. It seems to ignore you. Suddenly, it cocks its head towards a hollow in an old tree.

You reach inside, and pull out a mysterious wooden flute.

"Hmm, now I've seen everything".

One thing about yourself that you know for sure - you hate owls/

"Hey! Owl! You're stupid-looking!"

The owl cocks its head at you bemusedly.

What a stupid owl, you laugh.

Suddenly, the owl swoops down and carries you off. It is a big owl indeed.

You are never seen again.

You walk up to the pile of rocks.

It's just a pile of rocks, you think.

You walk up to the tree. You reckon it to be mighty old. Maybe a bazillion years or more. You notice a strange carving on the tree.

The carving depicts a great monster, twenty feet tall or more.

"Pshh. A huge monster, have you ever heard anything so ridiculous, Smeemog? ... Smee?"

You turn around, but in fact Smeemog has been eaten by a giant monster.

The monster devours you as you beg for mercy.

"Let's get out of here," you say to the dwarf.

"Fool!" He shouts. "Fool!" But he follows anyways.

After a short time, you see a bridge and, on the other side, the exit of the woods.

As you are crossing, a fearsome troll climbs out from under the bridge.

"Who dare to cross me bridge?" he bellows.

You play the flute, and the troll disappears in a cloud of smoke.

"I'll get you, Owl!" he curses.

You and Smeemog escape the forest safely.

You win!

"It is we," you say.

"I care not who ye are! I demand yer bones as payment for trespassin'."

You're boned!