President Obama's plan to win the future


That’s what I learned about President Obama’s vision for winning the future. There is a bright future in padlocks. If we can just get those padlock jobs back in America, it will all be okay.

Other industries he cited as bright lights in our collective future: tires and cars.



He also told Universities that the Federal Government would cut funding if they kept increasing tuition. Only, if you look at trends over time, tuition seems like it’s gone up as federal and state commitment to higher ed has plummeted. I know correlation isn’t causation, but it makes a lot of sense. The private sector is giving more to higher ed, of course, but it’s more like contract work. They aren’t helping to pay for students to get educated.

But basic research, which public support enables, is where new industries will come from.

I can’t tell you what the bright new technology will be, but I’m confident of this: it’s not padlocks, tires or cars.