EconTalk: A Philosopher and an Economist walk into a podcast...

Here’s all I really have to say about the June 22nd episode of EconTalk: go listen to it. Seriously: Russ Roberts, the show’s creator and host, is a gem — and I hardly agree with him about anything. A libertarian ex-professor, he’s a person with a very strong worldview and yet he has the gift of somehow using that worldview to make himself more open. Roberts uses his bias as a springboard to dig into issues with people.

Joe Rogan Experience: Is Bari Weiss really taking Rogan to Israel?

Let me blow your mind right now: that thing with the kids wearing the MAGA hats and the Native American activist and the Black Israelites during the March for Life? That was more than 18 months ago. How is that possible? Forced to guess, I would have told you that that happened like last Fall. How else are you going to blow my mind? Are you going to try and tell me that people don’t like that song “Blurred Lines” any more?

LessWrong: The word 'academic' is synonymous with 'irrelevant'

Do you think Sid Vicious would have told Keith Richards to fuck off if they met backstage one night and the Rolling Stones guitarist told the punk rocker he liked his show? Maybe these would be better cases: Would Vicious tell Pete Townshend of The Who to fuck off or David Freiberg of Jefferson Starship? Punk was a rebellion against what rock-and-roll had become, but it was still rock. So if you think the music industry sucks because it has wrecked music you love, do you still flip the bird to that music’s paragons?

Joe Rogan Experience: Always bowing

There’s a joke in my family. When we see an extremely imposing man, one of us will nudge another and whisper. “I’m gonna go whip that guy.” Pregnant pause. “I’m sick of his shit.” Joe Rogan is the kind of dude one of us might make that joke about, provided we were sure he couldn’t hear. Bill Burr showed up on the Joe Rogan Experience #228, all the way back in June 2012 and it opened up facets of each that I hadn’t appreciated relative to each other’s net tough guy’ness.

The Streisand Effect and the Intellectual Black List

Confession: The whole Sam Harris / Jordan Peterson thing was largely a boat I missed until the woketernet started galvanizing against them. Before the two had really become lightning rods, I remember listening to one or two really long Sam Harris discussions because a friend recommended the specific conversations. It was the kind of thing I listened to and thought: “Some nice zingers in there!” But I didn’t come back to it.

Hermitix: Name it then fight it

Ideological purity is seductive, but so is heroin: they both end badly. Back in the 90s when young people actually read comic books, one way or another people tended to pick a side between the big two: Marvel comics and D.C. Even today, someone who reminisces on reading comic books back then is likely to revert back to this either/or’ism. They’ll say something like, “I really only read Marvel.” There was a certain logic to this, because each publishing company was effectively one giant standalone story, but there was a larger illogic to it because, you know, if you like an art form explore the whole space.

Trueanon: The Veiled Prophet

I mean… They say it’s better to overdress than underdress, right? If I told you that this is a photo of the enactment of a regional myth in St. Louis, designed to intimidate working people and unify the old money families, would you even believe that something this crazy would ever be mainstream anywhere in this country? I mean, this isn’t an artsy photo from Burning Man. This is from 1938 in the now-Rust-Belt Midwest.

The Portal: Stormwater fees illustrate Pareto and Kaldor-Hicks Improvements well

Rainwater pollutes rivers. Well, OK, in fact rainwater has a way of picking up pollution in urban areas (like oil and trash) and moving it into waterways. Because of the speed at which large amounts of it moves over manmade surfaces (like concrete and asphalt), rain also tends to wash a lot more dirt into rivers than it would under natural conditions, and this is also bad for the water.

The Portal: The Greys are gonna run someone for President in 2024

Someone asked Bobby Kennedy if they should run for some office once. Bobby’s only question: “Do you know you can win?” The person said he wasn’t sure. In that case, Bobby said, he shouldn’t run. Kennedys, it seems, only ran when they knew they could win. It must be nice to be a Kennedy. This is an account I remember from a really good book that was sadly out of print the last time I checked, but I always recommend that people who like political campaigns read it.

Red Scare: Hopeless Left Aesthetics

So there was a Presidential election my sophomore year of college and I was part of the College Democrats for it. We put in a lot of work to get the Democrat elected and we went into election night pretty sure he would win. You know what? He totally did. So that was gratifying. And then on election night we had a little party in the basement of a bar. I don’t remember too much about it, but I do remember that one of the College Republicans showed up.