What I think about aliens

The universe is big. Really, really big. That seems like all a person really needs to know. But maybe it’s smaller than it seems? I think the universe is teeming with life. Any other view seems crazy to me. Why? Mainly because there’s just too much planet out there. How could life only turn up once? This can’t be the only giant rock that scum started growing on. There, I said it.

Too real: a horror story

There’s a dreadful moment in every man’s life where he shows up at a bar that he liked to go to a for a long time, where he used to have a good time, but then he looks around and he says to himself: “Damn, I’m too old to be in here.” The self-reflective man has a subsequent moment, though, and that one is worse. That moment is the one where he asks himself, “Did I notice that I’m too old to be here first or had everyone else noticed that a long time ago?

Blogging Makes People Smarter

The great philosopher John Locke believed that knowledge is the relationship between two ideas. IDEA: The man is very large. IDEA: The man is looking at me angrily. KNOWLEDGE: I should get the hell out of here. See how that works? And so: Blogging is a shortcut to expertise on almost any topic because it allows writers to physically instantiate relationships between ideas. In other words: Writing links is the crux of blogging.

Waking up from occulted dreams

Kantbot and his friend gave me permission to quit caring about the occult. On the most recent episode of the Pseudodoxology podcast, Kantbot has the painter Owen Cyclops on and the two of them discussed the occult. The conversation ran for two hours, and it is theoretically grounded in Cyclops’ story of how he went from being an occult adherent and enthusiast to becoming a more basic Christian with a spiritual bent.

Deleting numbers

Back in the day, when every cell phone had its own operating system and the things could barely send text messages, we all had a little ritual we could do when we felt hurt, jilted, rejected. We could open up our cell phone and delete phone numbers. I wallowed in deletion. Sometimes I would just go through my contacts looking for numbers to toss. People who didn’t need me in their life any more.

Dreams of Scrooge McDuck

Does anyone else keep a change jar just so every now and then they can pour it out and play with it like Scrooge McDuck?

At the Owl Farm, Brooklyn

Been a while since I have been this kind of writer. (at The Owl Farm Bar)

Drawing about Snowden

This a drawing I made in my new paper calendar, sitting on my windowsill, held in place by a pack of Mailchimp playing cards. It’s about the Snowden story. I may be writing something about that before long.

Terrible. Horrible. Awful. Maybe. Eh... Something.

Jon Jackson of HUGE, Inc gave some real tough love on the creative process at Digital Dumbo: Impact. I liked this slide, which captures how it takes a lot of work on an idea to get to where there’s lots more work to do, but at least you can see where to go.

Brooklyn is having a moment

Any time big ideas and big change moves among a tight knit group of people, there are going to be many aspects of it that, at the fringes, look pretty silly in the moment. I have no doubt that long before Independence became a revolutionary idea, agitators for an American republic looked very strange to other colonists. Many of their leaders had ideas that were quite out there, in retrospect.