Out of control elites is sort of now right?

The Baseline Scenario released a post about how when elites are not effectively constrained by governments, nations fall.

I can’t help but think we have already hit that moment in this country. So what’s the point of even worrying about it? If we have crossed the historical point of no return, shouldn’t we just play canasta and watch Game of Thrones while our once great nation burns? It seems that history seems to go a certain way and if you’re an American right now — well, unless you’re an elite, you were just born at a lousy time. Born in time to watch the decline.

In fact, smart people would probably just move to Canada. Not only is America doomed, but global warming is going to make the Mid-Atlantic hot as Georgia. Who wants to live in that? Canada is the place to be in the next 50 years. Let’s all get out ahead of the real estate price spiking.